From design and preparation through to planting and maintenance

Designs and planting plans prepared:

Borders thoughtfully designed giving careful consideration to plant selection for aspect, association and effect.

Creating a garden is not just about selecting the plants you like but knowing whether they will thrive in the given conditions and how they will perform over the long term.  It  is also about selecting plants to combine well with each other considering size, shape, texture and colour for best effect so that the whole planting scheme works together creating a picture the garden.

Planting styles

  • Mediterranean
  • Woodland
  • Naturalistic
  • Foliage scheme

Preparation and planting

Good preparation is essential to get the best from your plants, providing long term benefits and saving wasted time in the future.   Spend some time getting to know your garden conditions.  Planting carried out or simple tips provided for you to carry out your planting effectively.


Aftercare and maintenance is essential to keep your planting looking its best and thriving to avoid disappointments after all your hard work.  Learn about pruning and management so that you know how and when to do things to keep everything in good shape in the future.  Remember your garden will not look after itself and however good the original design, it will soon fall into decline without care.