Garden coaching

On-site practical help and guidance:

Do you wonder where or how to start in your garden?

Want to know –

How something should be pruned?

What plants to use?

What should be done and when?

Let us help you  –  YOUR garden coach can work with you in the garden, giving practical guidance and answer your specific questions, all relevant to your own garden. For many people dealing with gardening tasks or creating the garden they desire can be somewhat bewildering and not so easy to find out through books and articles.    With some professional advice to get you started, you can gain the confidence and knowledge to prepare, plant and manage your garden.

Affordable gardening –  Saves you wasting time and money by helping you make the right decisions for yourself, giving you that sense of achievement.

Working with you either at all stages, a one-off visit or just as and when you require.


– visit to determine what plants are in your garden

– recommend suitable plants

– on-site practical guidance or instruction

– advice on maintenance procedures (pruning etc)

– written report

– planting design

Personal Garden Shopper  Available to accompany you on a nursery visit to choose or recommend suitable plants, to avoid impulse buys.

Gardening problems – Help to identify and deal with garden problems such as pests and weeds or suggestions for difficult areas.

All considered in relation to your own requirements and the needs of your garden.

Consultancy for home garden management, designs or horticultural projects.

Available for tuition and workshops

Develop your own garden

The owner of this garden wanted to improve the garden outlook by improving planting and screen the view of an unsightly fence and shed.  By following a design and advice given, she worked to achieve her desired garden and found she was able to input some of her own ideas in its development.